I’m Lauren

With a little bit of help you can love your nakedness, take the unwanted pain out of pleasure and have great sex.

  • You want to prioritise your pleasure, express your sexuality, and surge with passion
  • You’d love to feel intimately connected to your partner, know what you want in the bedroom, and feel confident expressing it.
  • You want pain free intercourse, to escape the anxieties, misunderstandings and complications it brings, and have sex that isn’t a just chore or something to be endured
  • You want to resolve erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, stop worrying about your performance and never fret about pleasing your partner again.
  • You want to love who are, accept your body and feel desirable and confident.
  • You want to break the trend of bad encounters, learn from your experiences and create a shame-free sex life

But nothing seems to work, your putting your pleasure last and it feels like things will never change.


But right now work and family obligations seem to be taking up all your time, and your partner’s pleasure is prioritised while your desires become an afterthought. 


You feel like you’re always in your head, that you can’t stop thinking and start feeling. 


You feel undesirable, guilt around prioritising your pleasure, and ashamed of your wants and desires.


Sex is something you avoid, whether it’s due to pain, shame, embarrassment or boredom, and it’s causing tension in your relationship.


Sex isn’t fun, resulting in stress and anxiety and it’s affecting how you feel about yourself.

I help individuals and couples free their anxiety around sex to experience deeper connection and pleasure.

Make painful sex something of the past, freely experience pleasure and never fear disappointing your partner again.

Love your body, be totally comfortable naked and feel desirable and confident.

Value your own pleasure, feel sexually empowered, and be free to explore, experiment and discover.

Learn to understand your arousal patterns, listen to your body’s wants and move on from painful experiences or trauma.

Stop living in a world of sexual shame and embarrassment, understand what turns you on and how to ask for it.

Learn how to best communicate with your partner and experience deep, connective pleasure.

Discover new physical and emotional experiences and ways to explore yourself and your partner.

I believe everyone can have exciting, pleasureful sex. Once we spend time discovering our bodies we can clearly hear our wants and desires.

Once we open ourselves and give ourselves permission to experience pleasure, anything less is unacceptable.

Our bodies show us the way out of the hurtful projections and fears of the anxious mind!

I create a safe, judgement-free environment you’ll feel right at home in releasing your deepest desires and fears.

When you work with me you have access to everything I know about sex and sexuality. As a qualified sexologist, I’ve dedicated myself to pleasure through my Batchelor of Arts in Psychology, Masters of Sexology, 4 years educating at Body Safety Australia and 2 years at the Australian Institute of Sexology & Sexual medicine.

Together we’ll come up with a unique treatment plan to best get what you want from your sex life as quickly as possible.

As we work together we’ll discover what desires make you tick, release your anxieties, niggling insecurities and preconceived beliefs, giving a red-blooded voice to the passion burning inside you.

And by the time our work together is done, you’ll be able to put your pleasure first, feel confident in your own skin, and have pleasurable, pain-free sex.

If you’re ready to release your passion and make great sex more than a distant daydream, book a session with me!

Online e-therapy appointments are available virtually. You don’t need a referral to book either! So click through or send an enquiry through the contact form here.

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